We can apprehend that numerous handcrafted masterpieces from ‘Paribrita’ are a source of pride for their owners, and at times, acquiring one may not be effortless. We, the team of ‘Paribrita,’ aspire for you to possess such masterpieces, acknowledging your ardent desire to preserve a treasured item in your wardrobe. Henceforth, we introduce ‘PARIBRITA EASYPAY,’ with the intent of facilitating your acquisition of these invaluable works of art.

  • You can pay for your purchases in upto three easy instalments within 90 days of purchasing.
  • Minimum cart value needs to be more than INR 30,000/- to avail ‘PARIBRITA EASYPAY’
  • You will not be charged anything extra for the payment in instalments.
  • We will book the product(s) as soon as we get the ‘one third’ of the total cart value rest can be paid in 2 part within 90 days of the booking date.
  • We will ship the product(s) as soon as we receive the third/last instalment.
  • Order can’t be cancelled or refunded once placed using the ‘PARIBRITA EASYPAY’
  • Entire payment has to be completed within 90 days of the first payment.
  • No discount or sale offer is valid if someone choses the ‘PARIBRITA EASYPAY’ as a payment mode.

To choose ‘PARIBRITA EASYPAY’ as your payment mode

either whatsapp us @ +91 82749 43622
or Write us: contact.paribrita@gmail.com

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